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Smudge Kit (White Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite)

Smudge Kit (White Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite)

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Shift Negative Energy from Your Home or Space!

How To Use:

Simply light the end of the stick of Palo Santo or Sage until it starts to produce smoke. You can then use the smoke to cleanse the Aura of a person by holding it close to and around the body, allowing the smoke to surround them.

Alternatively when cleansing a room simply walk around the room in a clockwise motion allowing the smoke to flow. While doing so hold the intention that you are purifying the person or room of any negative energies or emotions, making room for more light to enter. The sticks will burn out easily so you may need to re-light them as you go to keep them smouldering or allow them to go out once you have finished, ready for their next use. 

The Selenite can be placed in a room to help cleanse negative energy, placed to your third eye for an instant mental declutter, and swept from head to toe to cleanse your energy field. If cleansing other crystals simply lay them on the Selenite wand overnight.

Please note windows and doors should be open to allow smoke and energy to vacate the space.

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