Virtual Cacao & Breath Ceremonies

Monthly we host a virtual ceremony. Allow Cacao to be your anchor in this deep space of healing as we facilitate a breathwork and meditation ceremony. These are perfect for anyone new to ceremony or those who are ready to connect to their breath and be held in this Sacred space. Because if you can control your breath you can control your life.

No matter what stage you're at this ceremony is for you.

These ceremonies are hosted on Zoom and will run for approx. 90 minutes starting at 6pm AEDT.


To join in ceremony you will receive an email after you have made your cacao purchase with all the details. So keep an eye in your inbox.

Preparing for Ceremony

Don’t get too in your head about joining ceremony, everything you need you will be guided through. 

To respect the sacred ceremony please be on time, if you are more than 5 minutes late you will not be granted access and will need to watch the replay.

Ceremony needs to be treated like a sacred and important time so ensure you are in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. If you feel called to having certain crystals with you, candles lit or anything else you feel drawn to allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to creating a sacred space for this time. We also recommend having a journal with you and be seated or lying down somewhere comfortable. Always have water close by as well.

Prior to joining the call prepare your Cacao, at the beginning of the call we will instruct you on how to set an intention on the Cacao so don’t drink any until then. We recommend a dosage of 40-50g for ceremony but if you’re new to Cacao you can start with a small dosage.

About Ceremony

Facts about Ceremony

When is ceremony?

Ceremony is held monthly via Zoom, it is a live session held on the first Sunday of each month, the session runs for 70 Minutes. Replay is available.

Can I attend this in person?

Not this event BUT Your Sacred Ritual is now hosting in-person events in Newcastle. For my information head to the In-Person ceremony page

Subscribe to Ceremony and Cacao 

A Monthly ticket to Ceremony with Gabrielle so you can dive into breathwork & meditation as a healing modality. 

300 grams of Ceremonial Cacao for you to use in Ceremony with the group and on your own as you get to know this plant medicine.

All of this for just $45 a month

No commitment required. Cancel any time with 30 days notice by emailing us at

I don't have Cacao can I still join?

Yes! While cacao will support your ceremony experience, gathering in ceremony is beautiful and effective with or without cacao.

Meet your host Krista

All her life, Krista has been drawn to the spiritual realms, she spent her youngest years exploring and witnessing the mysteries of life. Playing with energy, connecting to the earth and its wisdom is in her DNA.

She has been on a journey of remembrance and has studied the subtle arts of healing, she is trained in EFT, Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis, CTC Therapy, Theta Healing and Transformational Breathwork.