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To join Your Sacred Ritual Alliance, simply apply using the link below. Please note that approval is subject to meeting our criteria. We kindly ask you to provide either your website information or details about your sacred offerings.

Apply now to unlock the full potential of cacao in your practice and connect with a community of passionate practitioners!

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Facts about Cacao and its benefits

The Science Behind Cacao

Ceremonial-grade Cacao is one of the most iron and antioxidant-rich plants on earth. It's also packed with Theobromine, a compound with similar qualities to caffeine without the anxiety-inducing buzz. Instead, Theobromine offers even-tempered and long-lasting energy without a crash at the end. 

Cacao is an incredible source of magnesium and calcium. These vital minerals regulate blood pressure, energy, metabolism, sleep quality, and stress response. 

Together, the minerals and neurotransmitters in Ceremonial Cacao can regulate nutrient deficiencies and support the health and longevity of the body and nervous system. 

Cacao is an incredibly healthy alternative to sugary artificial chocolate and coffee available in stores.

How do I journey by myself?

Your Sacred Ritual Cacao is so much more than a coffee replacement! Each cup you drink is an invitation to open your heart, align with your truest self, and connect with others doing the same. 

You are constantly manifesting whether you realize it or not. A cacao ceremony is a beautiful way to harness this magic and call in your desires. Begin with gratitude; thank the universe for all that you have. Then, open your heart to the possibility of your wildest dreams coming true. Once you are deep in ceremony, you'll feel the support of the collective as your energy combines with others in this practice with you. 

Your practice is most potent when you are fully present in it. Turn off all distractions. Take each sip with a deep level of consciousness. Feel your mug in your hands. Taste the rich flavour of the Cacao. Visualize the plant medicine flowing through your body.

Where does Your Sacred Ritual Cacao come from?

Your Sacred Ritual Cacao is sourced directly from Peru

How do I prepare my Your Sacred Ritual Cacao? 

Follow one of our recipes here. 

A quick easy one is: 

20-30g Cacao

250ml Hot Water (around 70°c) 

1 tsp Honey 

Blend in a blender or whisk on the stove until your Cacao is thick and frothy.

Can I add milk or sugar to my Cacao? 

Yes, you can. While we recommend getting to know this plant in its purest form, a splash of plant-based milk and a teaspoon of sugar go a long way in helping you acquire the taste. If you’re wanting to sweeten the cacao, we recommend using natural honey or a vegan alternative. 

What makes Your Sacred Ritual Cacao different from any other Cacao? 

This is a movement, not just a product. Your Sacred Ritual inspires people worldwide to change their lives for the better. When we come together in ceremony, we heal the collective while healing ourselves. This is truly transformational work. 

Our supply chain uses sustainable and/or fair trade practices from beginning to end. Everything we do at Your Sacred Ritual focuses on delivering the purest and most energetically potent Cacao to your doorstep without compromising the Earth or her humans.

What are your sustainability and fair trade practices?

We source our Cacao from farms that pay their workers an ethical wage and use sustainable growing methods that don't use GMOs, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Our goal is to get Ceremonial Cacao into the hands of more people while sustaining and nurturing this precious resource for years to come.

How does the Cacao come? 

Ritual cacao comes in its raw form.

It comes in chucks for you to cut up by hand. The ceremony begins when you open your bag and begin to cut up your Cacao, so make sure to infuse it with love, intention, and harmony.

How much is a serving of Cacao?

This depends on your goals. For a coffee replacment, we reccomend 20-30g. Ceremonial doses are typically 30-50g. 

Consuming more than 50g in one serving can cause headaches, nausea, and upset stomach. 

We recommend starting with a 15-30g dose and increasing from there as you discover what works best for you. 

We don’t recommend consuming more than two cups of Cacao a day.

How many servings are in a bag of Ritual Cacao? 

Depending on the dose you take:

300g bags contain 6-13 servings

1kg bags contain 20-45 servings

How do I store my Cacao?

Cacao lasts longest at room temperature in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

What's the difference between Cocoa and Cacao?

Cocoa is highly processed, exposed to high heat (killing the Theobromine), and has low levels of Cacao and few nutrients. Cacao is an incredible plant medicine and superfood that nurtures your body and soul.

Can I drink Cacoa if I'm pregnant?

We don't recommend drinking Cacao while pregnant or during lactation, but you can always check with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Will Cacao cause an interaction with my medication?

Ask your doctor if you are concerned about any adverse interactions.

If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor before trying any new substance. Cacao is not intended to treat or heal in isolation. 

Is Cacao a psychedelic?

No. Cacao's neurotransmitters affect our brain chemistry and mood, but it is not a psychedelic. 

Can I drink Cacao before bed?

Ceremonial Cacao contains very little caffeine. However, we don't recommend a high dose before trying to sleep.